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The Far West Athletic Scholarship Program, now in its 13th year as a means of making a positive contribution to junior racing, has continued to garner more support each year. Since 2004, FWSA has awarded 104 scholarships for a total of well over $100,000.

United States Ski Association licensed junior racers in the U21, U19, and second-year U16 classes in states represented by FWSA-affiliated councils are eligible for a scholarship. Currently,  junior racers in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming are eligible. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, competitive accomplishments, academics, and community service.

This year’s recipients are:

Cheyenne Brown, age 17. Team: Squaw Valley. Awarded $,1000 from the Vern Sprock Memorial.

Valerie Festavan, age 16. Team: Park City. Awarded $750 from FWSA.

Bruno Amon-Franceschi, age 15. Team: Mammoth Mountain. Awarded $750 from Los Angeles Council.

Sheldon French, age 16. Team: Mammoth Mountain. Awarded $750 from San Diego Council.

AJ Hurt, age 16. Team: Squaw Valley. Awarded $1,000 from Sierra League.

Patricia Kerslake, age 15. Team: Crystal Mountain. Awarded $1,500 from Skiyente Ski Club.

Tyler Nelson, age 15. Team: Stevens Pass. Awarded $1,000 from Northwest Council.

Ashley Lodmell, age 18. Team: Mt. Bachelor. Awarded $1,500 from Mt. High Ski Club.

Teegan Lowe, age 16. Team: Mt. Bachelor. Awarded $750 from FWSA.

Dalton Swallow, age 15. Team: McCall. Awarded $750 from FWSA.

Hayden Terjeson, age 17. Team: Sun Valley. Awarded $750 from FWSA.

Kris Westman, age 16. Team: Stevens Pass. Awarded $750 from FWSA.

Calvin Wilson, age 18. Team: Diamond Peak. Awarded $1,500 from Castro Valley Ski Club.

Max Wingard, age17. Team: Squaw Valley. Awarded $1,000 from the Vern Sprock Memorial.


All funds for the scholarship program are deposited with The Far West Ski Foundation, an IRS 501(c)3 charitable foundation, that was incorporated as a partner of FWSA to provide a means of accepting contributions. The foundation qualifies contributions to the scholarship program as income tax charitable deductions.

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