Completed applications are due to the Far West Ski Association Athletic Scholarship committee annually by June 30.





 A  complete application includes:

 1. The Application Form:
This is a downloadable pdf file at Both the applicant and a parent/guardian must sign the Application Form.

2. Biographical Sketch to include:

a. What are your favorite school subjects? How do you combine education with ski racing, and youreducational goals? What is your Grade Point Average (GPA)? Please include your most recent report card.

b. In what other sports, activities or hobbies do you participate?

c. What is it about skiing and ski racing makes you excited?

d. What is your favorite training situation? How many days per month do you train?

e. What are your ski racing objectives for the next year?

f. Ski racing is expensive for all, why are you in need of financial assistance? Specifically what are you

doing to help support your ski racing? Are there specific hardships at home? What other funding

resources do you receive through awards or scholarships?

g. What does sportsmanship mean to you?

h. How do you now or plan to give back to ski racing?

i. Tell us of your accomplishments and/or special awards you have received.

3. USSA Athlete History Viewer for the past two seasons.
This document is available from the United States Ski Association web site,

4. Letters of Recommendation:
A minimum of two is required, but a third may be submitted. One letter should be from the athlete’s club or coach. The other letters are important too, as they may provide supporting documentation for an athlete’s involvement in their community or bring emphasis to something the athlete deems important.

Letters of Recommendation from a parent will not be considered because what parent would not recommend their son or daughter for a scholarship.

5. Photos:
A non-returnable head and shoulders photo of the applicant. Photos should be a minimum of 3 x 5 (8 x 10 is preferable). Successful applicants will be asked to provide this photo, along with a race photo in a jpg format or other digital format to be used for possible publication.

Completed applications must arrive no later than June 30, 2023 at: FWSA Athletic Scholarship Committee, 25222 Dolce Ct., Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381.

Applications and the information therein is for the exclusive use of the FWSA Athletic Scholarship Committee only and will not be used for any purpose other than the award of scholarships, except as noted above.

Applications will be reviewed and scholarships awarded by September 30, 2023. Funds for successful applicants shall be deposited to the athlete’s team/club and used to offset costs, as detailed above.

It will be the responsibility of the team/club administrator to determine the proper application of the funds, as requested by the athlete.

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