Far West Ski Foundation – Spring See’s Yum-Raising

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What could be sweeter than chocolate for a good cause? Buy delicious See’s Candies to show your support for Far West Ski Foundation. The deadline to make a purchase is: March 24, 2023.

The overarching objective of the Far West Ski Foundation is to sustain snowsports to ensure that the inspirational experiences of snowsports will remain for future generations. FWSF missions are:

– Building for the Future – with its Athletic Scholarship Program for junior racers.
– Rehabilitation and Renewal – with its support of adaptive and rehabilitative snowsports programs.
– Sustaining Snowsports – supporting women’s ski jumping and industry initiatives.
– Preserving the Legacy – with research, preservation, education and publication of snowsports history.

Visit our shop to pick and choose your favorites and buy and ship your candy online. It’s that easy! Ship to your family and friends! Our storefront is located at the following link:

  www.yumraising.com/secure/farwsf_far_west_ski_foundation 91/JanWyc9529/

FWSF is an autonomous public benefit corporation, in compliance with law and regulations under Section 501c3 of the IRS Code. For additional information please contact: Jane Wyckoff, FWSF Vice President, 949.933.9607.

Happy shopping and thank you for your support!


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