Breaking News: FWSF grant to WSJUSA for Fly Girls Scholarships

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July 13, 2015
Women’s Ski Jumping USA
Park City, Utah
The Trustees of the Far west Ski Foundation are pleased to provide Women’s Ski Jumping, and the Fly Girls program specifically, $1000 to support the development of the jumping program     . 
This grant is in honor of the FWSA 2009 Snowsport Builder Deedee Corradini, a lady whom the skiers of Far West hold in the highest esteem. You could say it is from the Foundation’s Deedee Corradini Fund to the Fly Girls Deedee Corradini Scholarship Fund.
Women’s ski jumping is the only international competition program supported by the Foundation at this time.
Please keep us informed of happenings in the world of WSJUSA, including schedules and results.  We do have the pictures of the Fly Girls at devo camp and they are on our remodeled website at  When the national team is named, we want  to post them as well.  
John Watson

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