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June 7, 2015 Far West Ski Association at its 83rd Annual Convention at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, California unanimously passed a resolution in support of the Squaw Valley Ski Museum.

Resolution by Delegate #2 Randy Lew

Seconded by Delegates #142 Mike Sanford, #190 Harry Davis, #45 John Reinhardt and #21 Gloria Raminha

WHEREAS, preserving Western ski legacy is a historic purpose of FWSA and, whereas, the Western America SkiSport Museum is the principal repository of California ski history and, whereas, the Squaw Valley Ski Museum will house the Western America SkiSport Museum material and, whereas, the new museum will be the public face of Far West ski legacy.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, FWSA and its 50,000 members enthusiastically support the development effort.

Action: Presentation to the Placer County Board of Supervisors.

Resolution carried.

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